Dhara Yu


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I am a first-year PhD student in Psychology at UC Berkeley, advised by Bill Thompson. I am supported by a Berkeley Chancellor’s Fellowship.

I am interested in the computational foundations of social cognition: what are the cognitive algorithms that shape belief formation and collective decision-making? I believe that gaining a richer understanding of these topics has the potential to help us address pressing societal challenges, including the climate crisis. Ultimately, I hope to apply foundational insights about cognition and behavior to develop more effective interventions for climate action.

Before my PhD, I spent a year at an early-stage climate tech startup, where I wore several hats (data science, software engineering, protein biochemistry) to help develop sustainable alternatives to animal agriculture.

Before that, I earned a BS in Symbolic Systems and an MS in Computer Science from Stanford, where I worked with Noah Goodman in the CoCoLab and Judith Degen in the ALPS Lab.


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Yu, D., Waldon, B., and Degen, J. (2023). The cross-linguistic order of adjectives and nouns may be the result of iterated pragmatic pressures on referential communication. In Proceedings of the 45th Annual Meeting of the Cognitive Science Society. [paper] [code]

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